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Paris and the Mediterranean shores were home and helped shaped Lebanese born Dr. Georges Kaado into the accomplished physician he is today.

For a significant number of years, Dr. Kaado studied with pioneer plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetics and anti-aging physicians in Miami, London, Paris, Venezuela and the U.S., which allowed him to hone his skills, expand his realm of expertise, and perfected his keen eye for detail.

Dr. Kaado views himself as a sculptor and offers to bring each of his patient’s the opportunity to enhance their appearance by providing preventative solutions that result in a natural, delicate and youthful appearance. He also provides a wide range of advice on skin care maintenance.

Combining fillers, Botox ®, and his own line of cosmetics, Dr. Kaado strives to preserve youth, vibrancy, firmness and a healthy glow for his patients. He believes these products will assist in t slowing down the effects of the inevitable natural aging process. It is a testament to his skills that Dr. Kaado’s patients includes high-level executives, beauty editors, models and people from all walks of life that just want to look and feel better. He is known for his gentle, warm manner that allows patients to feel welcome and at ease while under his care. He has an endless search for knowledge and regularly attends conferences worldwide to learn the latest in anti-aging & and cosmetics in order to help his patients achieve optimum levels of youth and radiance.

Skin care is equally as important to Dr. Kaado, which is why he has been working for the past seven years with various herbs and wild flowers from the Mediterranean mountains to create an all organic natural line based on recipes handed down through generations. By reengineering old recipes and formulas, he successfully created products that restore skin vitality, firmness and brightness, resulting in the creation of his own unique organic skin care system, Kaado MD.

Dr. Kaado recently opened Kaado MD, a luxury skincare clinic, which specializes in non-invasive procedures and skin rejuvenating treatments with a strong emphasis on the health of the entire body. Kaado MD sets the bar for a new breed of anti-aging and skin clinics that offer the most effective, natural, and the latest and most advanced treatments, along with a five star patient experience.

Committed to the highest level of excellence and integrity in working with his patients, Dr. Kaado takes great pride in helping his patients feel refreshed and allowing their inner beauty and harmony to radiate onto a rejuvenated canvas. The work his patients receive is admired, subtle and natural; a delicate but achievable balance.



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